Simplify Your Holiday Decorating Using Natural Elements

A recurring theme for Christmas this year seems to be simplifying and focusing on what is important. I am following this path, and I have tried to the last several Christmas’s as well. I thought I would share a few simple, and beautiful adornments for your home this holiday season.

They are easy to make and use natural items, as well as upcycled and, frugally attained items. This list is just to get you started though…the possibilities are literally endless! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to try something different.  One of the wonderful things about these type of projects is that it really helps you see and appreciate the natural beauty that God created all around you.

To create projects similar to what I created, you will need:

  • glass jars in several shapes and sizes, different colors too if you wish, although I favor clear,green, or brown glass.
    • I used an empty applesauce jar, spaghetti sauce jar, a yeast jar, a thrifted vase ($.25) and a mason jar
  • a variety of natural items…this is the fun part!
    • Go outside and see what you can find that strikes you as beautiful, but also will last for a little while indoors without a problem…the sky is the limit! Sticks, stones, evergreen boughs, underripe berries, dry leaves, pinecones, etc.
  • *optional* A fabric runner, or strip of scrap fabric
    • The plaid “runner” in my photo’s was actually a scarf I got from a free clothing swap…you can usually pick up scarves for $1 at the   thrift store, or grab an inexpensive fabric remnant or fat quarter from your local craft store.
  • *optional* ribbon, yarn, thread, cord, or twine, or anything else you might want to use to “dress” up the jars.
    • Most ribbon is relatively inexpensive, but you can check thrift store, the remnant section, and local sites, like freecycle, for such items if you don’t already have them.


Now comes the fun part!  Start experimenting!  Spread  your fabric on your table…try something different…put your runner on the short length of the table instead of the long one, or put your fabric on rotated so that the corners of the table show.  Don’t be worried about doing it “right” just have fun and play with it until it looks good to you.

Here are some examples…



I found some evergreen branches, some pine cones, and some pretty, under-ripe red berries (make sure you don’t put something like this anywhere that children or pets will try to eat it unless you are absolutely certain that no elements are poisonous.)  I gathered mine in a pretty basket that I got for $.50 at the thrift store.





If you like things neat and simple you can even just add a bow and leave your basket filled with beauty sitting on the table or a mantle as a decoration without doing anymore to it.  You could also add a pretty runner to make it a little more festive.



Either look can add warmth to a room and is very simple to achieve.  Make it your own and make any room feel more like home.

Now you can experiment with putting the elements into glass jars as well.  The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the final result.  You can mix the elements together, put only like elements in each glass, or use all of the same thing in all of the glasses you display.  It all depends on the look you are going for, the colors you like, and what feels like it fits in your home.

Obviously you can add other fun elements in as well to dress it up, or add your own flair.  I added some pretty ribbon, but this avenue gave me another slew of ideas so there will be another post coming soon containing those!  Here is a sneak peak though of a pretty arrangement I created by putting a Christmas card, that I trimmed to fit, inside an upcycled applesauce jar to act as the focal point.  I just love it, and I hope you’ll check out the rest of the great ideas that I’ll share in that post!

I hope this has given you some ideas for ways that you can decorate naturally and frugally!  If you use any of my ideas, or you are inspired by them I would love to hear about it!  I hope you’ll subscribe and stop in again soon!

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