Footprints in the Snow

This morning I groaned and grumbled as my dog forced me outside into the cold, nippy, morning air a good 2 hours before he normally goes out in the morning.  I bundled up in my coat and grabbed my coffee.  Little did I know it was not my dog that was dragging me outside this morning, but God.

As I held the leash, and waited for Brutus to do his business I sipped my delightfully warm coffee and took in the scenery.  It had snowed a fair amount the day before, and the yard was still covered.  As I looked around I observed that what was once a beautiful, smooth, white blanket over the backyard, was now a covering marred with scars of footprints, and wagon trails from my kids playing outside.

At first I thought “what a shame that I never got a picture of it when it was still beautiful and perfect” but then I realized that what I was seeing was even more beautiful!  My children, filled with excitement and wonder, had ventured into the backyard and had a joyous time!  The footprints were the evidence of that joy.

I suddenly realized that sometimes the mess, and the imperfections, are what is truly beautiful.  They are evidence of the work God is doing in us, and of the beauty and joy that the Lord is constantly revealing to us, but that sometimes we are too blind to see.  Our flesh is so quick to want for the perfect;  so quick to bemoan blemishes and scars.

Sometimes the scars are needed though to remind us of the good works that the Lord is constantly doing, and to remind us to find beauty, hope, joy, and thankfulness in the messes of life.

What scars do you have, or have you seen?  What can they reveal to you? What hope, and promises can you glean from them?  I would love for you to share your heart with me!

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  • Paula @ Whole Intentions

    So true – sometimes what we think of as marred – is beauty the way God intended it. Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

  • Christy, The Simple Homemaker

    This is beautiful! I was just thinking this same thing when my four-year-old and baby tugged me out of bed before the little hand hit the five–the mess in my home and life are such blessings…except Legos underfoot at 2 a.m. Beautiful post! Beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing.

    • Kelley_WithEagerHands

      Thanks so much! And yes, lego’s underfoot are just AWFUL! Ouch! My hubby took this picture when he took my eldest son ice fishing!