An Invitation

So…here’s the deal…this post isn’t perfect but I’m hoping you’ll give me some grace on that…see…I tried to make it perfect, but I just can’t quite put my finger on what perfect is this time!  I’ve decided I need your help…but more on that later.

So here’s the skinny.  I saw this awesome article about a pictorial that was done on what a week’s worth of groceries looks like all around the world.  You can find that here…What A Week’s Worth of Groceries Looks Like Around the World.

Ok, so I saw that and I thought…how fun would it be to do a link up where everyone posts a picture of their own week’s worth of groceries!!!  I think it would be so neat to take a peek into what a larger group of real families’ groceries look like for a week.  The thing is…I can’t quite pin down a why! That’s where I need your help.  I think it will be a great way to really take a look at what we are putting into our bodies each week.  I think it will be an awesome way to compare and contrast and be inspired by what others regularly have in their diets as well.  I’m hoping something bigger comes from it though…whether it is a series to help each other take one baby step towards healthier living, or a campaign to fight hunger, I’m not quite sure yet.  Holler at me in the comments and give me your ideas so I can nail something down by the time the link up goes live!

So here’s what I hope you will join me with!

on Monday May 27th I will post about what MY week’s worth of groceries looks like, along with a link up…so just mosey on back here and link up your own post then about your own week’s worth of groceries!  It can be just pictures, or have info about your budget, meal plans…whatever you’d like.

There are, however, a few guidelines to help keep things consistent (no hard and fast rules, just do your best to meet these.)

1.  You don’t HAVE to post a picture of groceries fresh from the market…just a picture of what you consume in a week…if it’s all in your house already…Yay! You don’t have to shop to participate!  However, if you do decide you need to shop, please make sure you include as much as you can, and if there is something in excess or that is missing from the picture…just make a little note of it.

2.  If you eat out during the week on a regular basis, or is you plan to eat leftovers from a meal, make a note of it so we get a better idea of how the food is being “spent.”

3.  Try to be authentic.  No one is here to judge, and none of us are perfect.  So, don’t go changing everything you normally buy just for the sake of a picture.  I promise I won’t judge you for buying a package of Oreo’s if you don’t judge me for feeding my kids Fruity Pebbles. :)

4.  For the sake of clear, easy to visually assess pictures, try to put tall items in the back, and try to group like items together.


Anything else you want to add is up to you!  Menu’s, recipes, grocery list’s, budgets, the sky’s the limit…but none of those are required.


So that’s it!  I look forward to meeting with you in the comments and I really hope you’ll come back and join me on May 27th to add your link!

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  • Christin

    Yay!! This is going to be so fun! Thanks for hosting this Kelley! :)

    • Kelley

      I think so too! :D Yay! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Sarah Mueller

    This is such a great idea! My kids thought I was crazy taking pictures of the groceries, but it was a great exercise.

    • Kelley

      Thanks Sarah! I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!

  • Stephanie Goetsch

    I am shopping on Wednesday, so I’ll try to remember to do this…I shop for 2 weeks at a time, but should easily be able to “half” what I buy. :)

    • Kelley

      Yay! That would be awesome Stephanie! I’d love to have you join in!

  • Christin

    Took my pictures last night!

    • Kelley_WithEagerHands